Journey from Bethlehem to Salem—September 28–October 26, 2021

Join us or follow us as we recreate the journey undertaken by the Single Sisters from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to North Carolina. The Journey will cover 500 miles over 29 days and will follow the historic route as outlined in the 1766 journal of Salome Meurer—along the colonial migration trail, which passes through Maryland, continues east of the mountains in Virginia, and turns west in Hillsborough, North Carolina.

Walkers will arrive in Bethabara, North Carolina, the Sisters’ original destination, on October 25.  The final leg of the Journey will be 5.5 miles from Bethabara to a celebratory Homecoming on Salem Square on the afternoon of October 26, which will be open to all. Alumnae and friends are invited to participate in any part of the “Journey to Salem” in person or virtually. Watch your email for opportunities to sign up, train, or participate in your own location.

Download Walker Information Sheet (PDF)

Salem 250th celebration Journey Map from PA to NC

Register Now for the Journey to Salem 

Welcome to Journey to Salem registration!

How to Register

To register, you will select each day, or "leg", that you will walk.  For example, if you plan to walk the entire route, you will check 29 boxes, each box representing one leg.  Or you can walk just  leg 1, or legs 5, 6, and 29.  Any combination is fine!

On average, we will walk 20 miles per day, but there are a few days where the distance is between 6 and 15 miles.

Virtual Participation

Join us virtually If you can't walk with us in-person!  Virtual participation can include any form of measurable aerobic exercise such as walking, swimming, running, biking etc. Virtual participants are encouraged to complete as many miles as they can between September 28 and October 26.

Registration Fee

Non-refundable fee is $25 for in-person or virtual.  Fee is waived for current Salem Academy & College Students.


The Journey Team has blocked hotel rooms along the route.  You are responsible for reserving and paying for your room.  Space is limited so please reserve your room(s) early!

Registration Deadline

The deadline for registering is August 15, 2021.


You must sign a waiver form in order to participate (in-person only).  Please print and sign where indicated. Be sure to select the appropriate waiver form:

Scan and email to: OR

Mail to:  Salem Academy & College, 601 S. Church St., Winston -Salem, NC 27101 ATTN: KATHERINE WATTS

Journey to Salem Hotels Map